Back in to OS Development

A description of getting back in to OS Development and what will be in the next few posts.

After a long break, I recently decided to get back in to hobby operating system development. I’ve done plenty of C# application programming over the past few years – I have a patient administration system at my workplace, written as a C# desktop app with an Azure SQL backend. But I’ve always thought that there’s nothing more of a challenge with programming than operating system and game development. The latter is a problem for me as I’m really no artist – any game I create is likely to end up as a mash-up of free Unity store assets! Although my OS is unlikely to be used by anyone in the real world, I can’t bring myself to develop a game that would be so generic.

So, I got out the old Git repo, reinstalled WSL (now version 2!) and prepared my dev environment. My development is split over 4 PC’s, depending on the day of the week. No worries – creating that cross compiler and setting up a bootloader would, no doubt, remind me of the processes involved in OS Dev!

After a few years away from system programming, it was amazing how much I’d forgotten. I’ve therefore decided to create a number of posts – if only for my own reference. That’s what will be appearing on this site next.